Robin Nicole’s Video Blogs

Robin spends much time creating video blogs. She does this to give something back to the world. As she has explained before her mission in this lifetime is that of a Way-Shower of Freedom. Most of the time these Vlogs come about as incites she is given and she then chooses some oracle cards to facilitate an ongoing teaching of sorts for the collective. Many times she will try to give you an example of how she worked through issues coming up for the collective, by telling stories of something that happened in her life.

All of these Vlogs are uploaded to her YouTube Channel and embedded into this page for your convenience . If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to her YouTube Channel called Shine Your Light Network. Robin thanks you in advance for doing so and appreciates you.

All of these Vlogs are given to you from Robin’s heart to yours without expectation of any kind. If you feel led to give a heartfelt energy exchange back to Robin, it will be graciously accepted.

This page is dedicated to my Vlogs and Blogs. All of these are also located on my YouTube page called Shine Your Light Network.