Welcome to the Shine Your Light Network

Welcome to the Shine Your Light Network

Welcome to the Shine Your Light Network with host and founder Robin Nicole. I believe that we ALL have something special inside of us, if we go deep into our heart and find out what makes our heart sing…We end up finding little sparks of light, joy and passion. Once you find that spark, that passion inside of you, I believe it’s our job to go out in the world and SHINE OUR LIGHT as bright as possible. When you do this the whole World shines along with you, and you begin to make a difference, make a change in a positive way. This is what the shine your light network is all about.

I have been guided to go out into the World and find the people that are doing it, that have found out what makes their heart sing, and our following their inner guidance. Because what I have learned, if you surround yourself with those who are out their manifesting their dreams. The people who are uplifting and empowering themselves and others, that they tend to lift you up and help you go inside and find your passion. They spark something inside that can help you begin to follow your dreams.

Here on the Shine Your Light Network. You will find inspiring and uplifting conversations. Along with special video blogs from my heart to yours. Please take whatever resonates and let the rest fall away.

I have created a Network, a directory so to speak, of what I call Star- Light Masters. These Star-Lights are out there making a difference in the World. They go out and put one step in front of the other. They go out and shine their light in whatever way, shape or form that feels right to them.

Each Star- Light Master that I interview on the Shine Your Light Network is put into this directory. Where I place their interview along with any contact links, services or products that they have. You can find the Star-Light Masters Directory at below.  If you know of any Star-Light Masters out there in the world or are a Star-Light yourself. I would love to set up an interview to SHINE YOUR LIGHT and promote what makes your heart sing. Please email me at Robin@shineyourlightnetwork.org and let me know you are interested in becoming a Star-Light Master.

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In the Star-Light Masters Directory you will find a list of people who are out there shining their light. You can go through this list and find inspiring content to fill you up and help you begin to find out what makes your heart sing. You will also find details on how to connect personally to these individuals or to find their links, products and services that they each offer individually.
On the Robin Nicole Video Blog page, you will find all of her many YouTube inspiring videos, where she connects to her heart and teaches by example, all she knows and understands around Ascension and Creating the next best version of yourself into the next New Golden Age of Time.
On the Newsletter & Events Page. You will find uplifting News from the Star-Light Masters along with updated Online and in person Events/Retreats/Tours/Workshops & Master Classes offered by the Star-Light Masters throughout the year. Along with Links on how to book these Events.