Star-Light Master Amy Avalon

Amy Avalon is a Sacred Sound Oracle, Light Linguist, Hieros Gamos Alchemist and
Inner Temple Priestess; Frequency Illuminator; Shakti Dancer; Author and Poet; and
Intuitive Artist — creating beautiful one-of-a-kind Light Language activated Magical
Rainbow SunPrism Displays.
“My calling and greatest joy is to help you come into the full Embodiment of Love. I
serve as an Anchor of Light for the collective heart of humanity, illuminating Love in our
ancient Realm.” ~ Amy
“When the Heart Sings, the Soul Dances.
Beloved’s leap passionately into the Arms of Love,
and dance to the rhythm of your Sacred Heartbeat.”
Amy is a clear vessel who radiates an enormous amount of Love energy. Her sacred
work brings forth the Living Transmission of the Sacred Frequencies of Love. She
assists you to undergo a powerful initiation to fully Embodying Bliss within — thus
activating the Divine Birth of your most Sacred Self. As you remember your innate
purity and innocence, deep healing follows.
Do you yearn to live a life of true Freedom?
Are you ready to follow your Heart’s Joy?
Come along then on the journey to YOU.
You are invited to journey beyond words and belief systems, to awaken from the dream
of separation, and live a beautiful life. Amy will hold you in a Sacred Space of
Unconditional Love, as she guides you home to the Sacred Jewel within your own
Heart — there you will come into Mystical Union with your Original Essence… Love.
Anchored in the Wisdom of your Sacred Heart you will go through a profound
expansion of consciousness.
Welcome home beautiful Souls! Let’s start our journey together!
In the fullness of the Blooming Rose within your Sacred Heart… IT IS TIME.
Amy offers the LuminEssence Love Illumination™ activation and transmission. She can
be reached through Messenger (website is under construction) for sessions, and her
Tavari Creations | Facebook page for her Magical Rainbow SunPrism Displays.