Star-Light Master Ana Isabel

Ana’s Bio;

Ana is an Expression of the Collective Singularity, that we give many names, the Source of Every Thing and no Thing. She works to Expand with-in as she lives her everyday life! She feels that we are All powerful and Magical Beings. Whatever is related to an Holistic approach to our relationship with each other and the planet usually calls her attention. She Loves to do Intuitive Dance, Play, Sing, Writing free flow Poetry, Draw and Craft. Ana has a love of photography and creating new images from a picture through mirroring and kaleidoscope effects. She feels ONE with the Planet and all Beings deeply. She works with her Energy and the Totality Energy for the Best Outcome for All. Ana practices Energy Balance Sessions with friends, animals, plants and places. She strongly feels that whatever we can Imagine we can co-Create! She just loves to Communicate and Share, and was led to host online Conversations in Portuguese and English, along with Meditation, Dancing and Gratitude Videos on YouTube and on Facebook . She is open to creating personal Soul Drawings for people and share’s one to one sessions in which we helps to co-Create a Balance in whatever your Soul is asking for. She feels, Healing and Balance is achieved by each person as they Chose from the Heart to Expand.