Star-Light Master Anna Lee

Anna’s Bio;

Anna Supports and Assists as Divine Architect through BioEnergetic LaceWork™️ Attunements to Bridge the Arcs of your Energy Field to Come through Alchemical Sovereignty of the Plasmic Christ Body~ Anna’s Work is Specific to Anchoring the Solar Masculine Christ Energy that her Field Signature Embodies~ Anna also Upholds the Integrity of Galactic and Planetary Grids through BioEnergetic LaceWork™️~ Anna Neayama, a Soul Walk-in from May 21, 2015, is Here to Assist with your Fast Tracking of the Plasmic Body Integration Process~ Anna’s Mission is to Align the LaceWorks™️ of Your Field Signature with the Plasmic Expressways of Gaia and Embody these Frequencies~ Anna Incorporates the Languages of Light, Yoga, Tantra and Nourishment of the Senses in All Ways to Support Your Ascension Path~