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David’s Bio;

During a near death experience at the age of 8, David Starr had recalled about remembering being star consciousness in the Andromedan Galaxy. , being shown the first 20 years of his life by mother father god he accepted the life and missions. He lived his first 20 years in constant dejavu. He didn’t realize at the time In his young child hood years that guides were speaking to him, he wasn’t sure what the voices meant other than realizing they came with guidance, and came with very positive messages. At the age of 17 David had his first spiritual awakening when he realized light was all around everyone and he tapped into this light, and made his first connection to the heavenly energies.

This led David on a path of spiritual development in his earlier adult years. It was not until 2019 when David received a message from Mother Father God, the time of action was at hand. To connect to Starseed groups, to get ready for the time of the ascension was at hand. Since this time David has developed his spiritual gifts to expanded levels of consciousness as being a channeler, working with many new earth groups such as New Earth Ascending Consciousness, the Hearts of change collective and hundreds of light workers to bring in universal consciousness and spiritual development to many star seeds and the masses. David has also created an App called Divine Ray which allows spiritual beings to tune in their divine moments in short videos as well as offering healing sessions to users. David is widely known for his depth and understanding of shadow work which is clearing ancestral trauma and bringing people back into their heart alignments while assisting people to shift their vibrations.  In late 2021, David received the message to step into master consciousness. 

Over 2 and a half months span, David and a group of amazing light workers went through a series of 10 initiations guided by Master Consciousness and David notes it completely transformed him. He looks forward to bringing this ancient knowledge to all that feel called to dive deeper within their hearts and expand into their joy and love everyday now moments.

*****Please note that the Divine Ray APP is under ongoing development and is in the BETA testing stage. Because of this there may be some hiccups and small issues to overcome as it develops. Please contact David if you are experiencing difficulties in using the APP at*****

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