Star-Light Master Denise Chadwick

Denise’s Bio;

Denise Chadwick is a code keeper; key holder; earth grid activator; crystalline grid connector; crystalline light-body geometry activator; voice alchemist; light language speaker; writer; energy weaver; light encoded art creator; and Reiki Master-Teacher since 2003. She works with the Golden Ray; hosts a regular podcast called Love Speaks Love and a new YouTube Channel called Heartful Living with Denise, where she teaches by example how to live through the heart. She works one-one, with groups, in person and online. She transmits verbal and written Diamond light language, Whale, Galactic, Magdalene, Albion, Holy Grail, Crystal-light and Source code frequencies of energy. She is aligned to the Sisterhood of the Rose. Denise has strong Galactic connections whilst still maintaining her strong connection to Gaia and Gaia’s creatures, nature and elemental beings. She is strongly aligned to the Dragon realm and has worked with the Angelic, Galactic, Ascended Master and Elemental realms since learning Reiki in 2001.

Inner Peace with Denise
Heartful Living with Denise