Star-Light Master Light Language Dina

Dina’s Bio;

Dina is a lover of all things Galactic, Art,Energy, Fairy, Dragon, and Magical. Dina has been on a healing journey for at least 29 years. Through this process, she has discovered her gifts as a Channeler of Divine Wisdom and Intuitive Painter. Dina Channels Soul Language and Activation Codes with the use of her voice, drumming, movement and painting. Dina is also tapping in to the Akashic Field and can assist others with a deeper connection with them selves, creativity, perspective shifts, sovereignty and embodiment. Dina began her dragon journey in 2019 and discovered her purpose. When she learned about the Sophia Dragons. After already being an Artist, she she realized she was Channeling these higher frequency energies through her paintings. Dina also attended a Celtic dragon Reiki and Sekhem empowerment session where key codes were activated to assist others with their abilities and unique expression. Dina is also an Activation Artist with the intention to serve her clients and collective with authenticity. Every session is personalized and can include an intuitive card reading, painted light code, spoken soul language and shamanic singing and drumming. You can find her on instagram as lightlanguagedina and butterflydragheart. Light Language Dina | Linktree or call (518)4243511

Light Language Dina