Star-Light Master Kenya Evelyn


Kenya Evelyn lives in Nashville, TN with her three kids and husband of seventeen years. She is passionate about God, her family and awakening the truth of our light and the power of our being. A lifelong singer and certified music therapist, energy healer, health coach and life coach, she is a powerful Intuitive Frequency Alchemist and 4 x International Bestselling author. She teaches others how to harmonize their energy, vibration and frequency to achieve a life of fulfillment, celebrating and purpose−what she calls wealth− through aligned frequency. Kenya believes in creating stronger families and supporting women who love themselves so unconditionally that everything they touch is calibrated with the frequency of abundance, sovereignty and MIRACLES . She creates with ease and flow; hosts retreats, masterminds and singing circles; provides one-on-one coaching; facilitates ”Night of Healing” and “Frequency Codes” and “Transcend Mastermind “She invites you to reclaim your voice, find your rhythm, learn your frequencies, discover your divine design and amplify your power through voice and movement.