Star-Light Master Leanne Ta Iki Anawa

Leanne’s Bio; “Leanne is a channel for energies of Love and Wisdom emanating from Source. Having found her deepest inner Truth – that she is at one level pure consciousness and Love, she also discovered gifts of seeing, communing with and knowing the subtle realms. In her own unique ways, she has been committed to grounding this Truth, Love and Awareness into her life and whole being, and to authentically expressing it as an artist, clinical psychologist and energy therapist. She feels passionate about higher-self realisation and supporting others on their paths of healing, awakening, integration and expression. For over 23 years, Leanne worked in the Health and Social Care sector. Up until 2017 Leanne sought to empower the most vulnerable adults suffering severe and enduring mental and emotional distress within the UK National Health Service. She left to pursue a more aligned expression of her whole self than was possible within the confines of the NHS. Through her meditation practice, in 2011 Leanne had consciously connected with her Lemurian timelines and guides which was life-changing. She became able to connect with and channel the ‘Whole’ untouched Source aspect of people, and was guided to reconnect them to this, through Higher Self portraits, readings and as an energy therapist in private practice alongside her other work. Leanne was truly so moved by her Lemurian Homecoming, she felt compelled to eventually share her knowing of this civilisation and the importance of Lemuria as a template for New Earth, full time. This and her own deep journeys of healing helped her to ‘innerstand’ many spiritual, psychological and healing processes, which she lovingly shared, along with her partner Michiel Kroon, in a deck of 88 oracle cards, the Lemurian Starchild Oracle, which has garnered many 5 star reviews and impassioned positive feedback. Since publication of this Oracle, even deeper healing processes have occurred in her life, involving a near-death experience and the health consequences of that. Despite the surface challenges, many blessings came through which have supported connection with and integration of her Galactic aspects along with an activation of light language.“