Star-Light Master Omar Faizi

Omar is a founder and host of a WatchersTalk podcast created in 2015, he has had discussions with some of the leading researchers in the fields of Archaeology, Ancient History, Exo-politics, UFOlogy, Alien abductions, OBE and consciousness to name a few. He is an independent researcher who also collaborates with other like minded people in various projects related to the accurate accounts of human history. Omar facilitates conscious based events featuring multi speaker  and multi day online conferences beginning in 2017. He currently lives in British Columbia Canada and is from Copenhagen, Denmark. His main focus of attention is Consciousness and understanding intelligent energy. He is currently writing a book called Earth Frequency which highlights how our human experience and consciousness is being suppressed by unseen powers, and how to overcome this force at play.  His focus is to bring forth information which is relative to raising our collective awareness and our vibrational distortion by helping to lift the veil of deception which plagues every aspect of our day to day lives from work to education to politricks and everything that is in between. His ability to connect the dots from tidbits of information collected from numerous sources has helped him greatly in identifying wtf is going on in our world and relaying that information forward through his social media platforms to those who are interested in what he does.