Star-Light Master Reshma Eugene

Reshma’s Bio;

Reshma has been on her spiritual journey since she was a young child experiencing telepathy, psychic visions, seeing spirits/entities, hearing communication, and seeing UFO’s. As she got older she closed off her gifts due to depression and no one to turn to for help, and church was big for her and made her really believe her gifts weren’t of God. While she was living the American Dream going to church, thinking she was doing the right thing, she realized something was wrong, she suffered from fear and anxiety, she had everything she asked for but she was still not happy. This was the start of her re-awakening in 2018. Since then she has discovered she is a Pleiadian Mother here to do great things for New Earth and all the Lightworkers. She has rediscovered a healing modality that is helping so many Lightworkers break free and see who they really are, get on their path, have more clear vision and love for themselves. She is here for her children. She is here for New Earth and is creating a massive wave of destruction to the old paradigm with her healing.

Reshma is a Pleiadian Mother, here on Earth, providing assistance to humanity during this time of ascension. Last year she remembered her healing abilities as Pleiadian Mother in the Quantum. Reshma provides oracle readings/channeled assistance, inner child healings, abundance block removals, animal healing, body/mind/spirit energetic healing, home/space clearing services, and crossing over assistance. All of her work is done remotely in her meditative state in the quantum. She also provides spiritual life coaching, if you are struggling with your journey and you need to talk to someone she is there for you. Reshma is residing in the east coast United States, but works with everyone in all time zones. 

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