Star-Light Master Sarah Elizabeth

Sarah’s Bio;

She is first and foremost a mother to her beautiful children, a Starseed, a Blueprinter, a Divine Healer and all in between. She has been navigating spirituality her entire life and really accelerated in 2002, during an awakening that happened inside of her while being attuned to her level 1 Reiki. Her healing of self really started then and continued. She went from modality to modality trying to find her muse. Her background up until 2002 was abusive and her prayers of love were answered when she brought her first baby into the world in 2003. She learned her purpose here was to be a mother. Over the years of trying to fit in as a Starseed, conforming and still suppressing her magic, she then found meditation in 2019. By this time, she had trained in quantum healing and alchemy and all her lost pieces fell into place, another 2 children aided this too. She has spent many a year healing and clearing without every realizing what she was doing. Throughout the pandemic period she really connected with her inner self and her ascension journey accelerated. Going within was easy for her as she has all this lifetime gone within. She began opening herself and answering the call from spirit. She has been clearing and cleansing grids, anchoring light working closely with mama Gaia. She works closely with spirit and can connect to the ALL. She has many many Guides, Angels, Archangels, Elementals, Animals, Galactic family, so so many. She is a Mintaken Starseed but have received many seeds along the way. Including Lyran, Pleiadian, Sirian and Lemurian. This past year she has been working with the children of light, alongside Thoth and the emerald tablets. Birthing and anchoring. This has been the best role besides Birthing her own children to date. Her understanding is that she has been a healer, in all incarnations. She has witnessed a Mayan, Lemurian and Egyptian lifetime herself. She is still to date, helping with the ascension of ALL, alongside being a mother. She works as an activator healer and guide in between. You can find Sarah Elizabeth @Holistical Heaven on Facebook currently and hopefully creating a website in the near future. Her focus is in the present moment, to hold space for her seeded children and ALL in these moments. Her dream is community living and she looks forward to finally meeting her soul family one day soon. For now, she continues her work and Channelling via her Facebook page, and also on Divine Ray and hopefully a wider audience someday. Love and light to all 🙏🌟 Sarah x

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