Star-Light Master Sifu Boggie

Sifu’s Bio;

Paul Boggie Brighton ( a.k.a. Sifu Boggie) Says… For the last 37 years I have studied the Daoist Skills of a Barefoot Doctor and DragonDog Shaman Such contains such skills as Qigong ( Energising Exercises), Tai Chi ( Little Brother to Qigong), Dragon Qigong, Shun Qi Shen ( Chinese Reiki) DragonDog Shaman Shun Qi Shen ( DragonDog Shaman Reiki) , Chinese Massage ( TuiNa, Tit-Tar, Acupressure, Reflexology And Shun Dao Massage), Energy Healing, Daoist Philosophy And Life Coaching and more… In essence… Everything you learn, Enhances everything you do… As for me… I help Healers and Lightworkers to tap into unlimited energy, to stay Supercharged and always be grounded and never burnout… I teach DragonDog Shaman Reiki Online which Downloads Spiritual Energy awaking dormant abilities…. I also teach Qigong (Energising Exercise) Online – and self healing techniques to Balance Health and Wellbeing, and to create and enhance longevity… These I teach in individual or combined groups or personal classes both in person and online As ongoing or set courses… I also do a free Podcasts helping others to find their own personal Path/Way/Dao… You can find out more on… For a Free 20min One on One with me to learn about what I do… Love, Qi and Shen ☯️ ☯️ Sifu Boggie Sifu Boggie & The Way Of Conscious Mindfulness Schedule your appointment online Sifu Boggie & The Way Of Conscious Mindfulness

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