Star-Light Master Tim McGillicuddy

Artist Tim McGillicuddy

Tim grew up in the beautiful landscape known as Killarney County Kerry Ireland. He was the son of a builder and grew up alongside many siblings. He now still lives in the house he grew up in and spends his time creating art while running a small art teaching facility called Clay Fun Art Studio with his life partner Robin Nicole. For as long as he can remember, He has looked at the world through the eyes of an artist. From day to day, you will find him in his workshop passing time in this world by making frames for the many hand and foot impressions he casts, to stocking up on paint me items for the many creative birthday parties and expanding Clay fun Art Studio.  He love’s his life and spends most of his time with his wife, son and his little Labradoodle, named Neo. It is at night time when the world is sleeping that he creates his artwork.  His art is inspired by many things. Sometimes his ideas come from a dream and other times by listening to different people in the world and their thoughts. He is fascinated by the thought that our world is much older than we thought and loves learning about archaeology. The flow is not always there, but when it is he feels alive and driven to bring his visions to life through his hands for all of the world to view.

You can find his Artwork online at