Winter Soulstice Cosmic Gateway Event

Five Ancient Keyholders will be gathering in honor of the Winter Solstice to create a MASSIVE ENERGETIC TRANSFORMATION.

As we come to this time of the year where we naturally go within and contemplate our life. It is a great time to RE-ALIGN and change direction.

We will be setting the space with intention of anchoring the highest HEALING and HARMONIZATION for all of those in attendance.

Robin Nicole will be teaching you a simple ANCIENT HEALING METHOD, which uses 7th DIMENSIONAL LIGHT INFUSION to REPAIR, HEAL and REGENERATE your body at a cellular level and begin to turn on your LIGHT-BODY.

Tracey Stevens will be TRANSMITTING CHRISTOS SOPHIA HOLIDAY UPGRADES through Mother/Father God.

Amy Avalon will be bringing through the SACRED BLUE ROSE LINEAGE Light Language transmission with COSMIC SOPHIA, MARY MAGDELENE and ANNA the grandmother of Yeshua.

Anna Lee will be focusing on the EMERALD PILLAR and ACTIVATE and LACE your dormant DNA through the WHITE FREQUENCIES.

David Starr will take us on an ASTRAL TRAVEL JOURNEY to the CRYSTALLINE CORE to meet with the guides and ASCENDED MASTERS to receive GENETIC HEALING and HIGHER SELF ATTUNEMENT.

This 5-hour private online EVENT will be happening on Dec. 21st starting at 1pmEST/6pmGMT/5amDec.22 Sydney. The five Ancient Keyholder Speakers will singly present their Transmission, followed by all five coming together to Channel through a special message from the DIVINE. The first 20 people to purchase a ticket will get a chance to ask the DIVINE one question of their choice at the end of the event.

To purchase your ticket for the WINTER SOULSTICE COSMIC GATEWAY EVENT for $22.22 USD click on the link below.

You will then be sent your private zoom link within 24hours of purchase.


Winter Soulstice Cosmic Gateway Event
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